Fresh fruits
to your doorstep.

Fruitly is a subscription service that delivers enough fresh fruits to your doorstep to last you for a week. Choose your package, set your delivery details, Enjoy juicy oranges, apples, bananas and more!

How it works

Fruitly works by delivering fresh fruits to your doorstep.
Choose your package, Pick your delivery date,
Enjoy delicious, juicy peaches, apples, oranges and more!

Select your Plan

Choose what suits you from the Active Bunny, Essential Deer and Bulk Panda plans.

Enter your delivery details

Fruitly delivers to your doorstep on Saturdays or Sundays. We'll be there to deliver at your chosen time and place.

Receive your fresh fruits

Your fruits are ready, enjoy freshly plucked fruits, brought to your home with just a click.

Why Fruitly?

We save you time and make life easier by delivering
the freshest, healthiest, straight from the
source fruits to your door.

Save time

We know you’re busy. Fruitly will deliver the freshest fruits to your doorstep so you don't have to worry about it.

Clean & Juicy Fruits

Eliminate poor middleman handling of fruits. The fruits you see on the roadside may not have gone through a good cleaning process and have gone through unsafe exposure.

Live Healthier

A healthy snack of fresh and healthy fruits every day that can hello lead to a healthier lifestyle. Fruitly simplifies your access to healthier living.

What people are saying about Fruitly

We have a growing Fruitly subscribers,
they all have sweet words about Fruitly

Adenike Onigbinde

Freshly delivers fresh fruits every week. They gave me the needed break from grocery sourcing.

Kingsley Nwafor

I like the idea of having fruits delivered to me without needing to go out to get it on my own.

Nelson Adedeji

Ever since I saw the video of a roadside fruit seller washing their fruits with dirty water, I decided never to buy fruits like that again. Fruitly has changed my mind!

Habeeb Abubakar

Fruitly is the perfect companion for the Ramadan period.

Mary Ajagbe

My fruits getting delivered to me every week means I can make parfaits, fruit salads, and smoothies without worrying where the fruits will come from.

Anjola Olaoluwa

My doctor told me that I needed more fruits in my diet. Fruitly saved the day and my health!

We answer frequently asked questions

Yes, the price listed for each Fruitly Pack includes delivery. So you WILL NOT need to pay any extra money for delivery.

Yes, all Fruitly fruits are organic.

Depending on the fruits you choose. For instance, if you order Banana, Pawpaw, Pineapple, Plantain and Avocado, you will get a big bunch of Bananas, 2 big Pawpaws, 2 big Pineapples, a big bunch of Plantain, and 2 Big Avocados. Fruitly Mini weighs 10-13kg, Fruitly Standard weighs 16-20kg and Fruitly Jumbo weights 24-32kg depending on the fruits you choose.

First things first – let us know and we will replace it. We are committed to quality & excellence. However, we ask that you retain an open mind – excellence comes in many forms. Your nose and your taste buds will never betray you. What do we mean by that? For example, a spotted banana might not win a beauty parade, but it is more ripe and sweeter than a green banana. You will absorb all of the nutrients and goodness much more easily and you will taste the difference. You can log in and drop a feedback for the particular delivery on your dashboard.

You can pause your subscription on the dashboard. Each month, we deliver to you every weekend, depending on the delivery day you choose. If you won't be around during a weekend, you can pause your subscription latest by Thursday before the weekend and we will only deliver to you again once you continue your subscription. We also won't charge your card for a new subscription until we all the deliveries attached to your subscription.

Fruitly not available in your location yet?

We are currently available in Ibadan, Nigeria and gearing up to launch in Lagos and Abuja soon.